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Here’s why you should schedule a free roofing checkup

At KY-KO Roofing, our team offers free roof checkups for homes and businesses throughout the Valley. Here’s how it works: we’ll send a roofer out to your home to take a look at the roof and its general condition. They’ll take note of any issues they can see—such as missing shingles, broken tiles, deteriorating underlayment, or out-of-place flashing—and then review your options for further repairs and upkeep with you.

When should you schedule one?

Let’s put it this way: there’s no wrong time to have one of our expert roofers take a look at your roof for signs of damage or problems. Roofing issues, from missing tiles and shingles to problems with the protective underlayment, can happen in any season and any time of year here in Phoenix.

However, there are certain stretches of the year where a roofing checkup especially makes sense:

— Late Spring: By booking your roofing checkup with our team in the late spring (April, May), it gives our roofers a chance to take a look at your roof and identify potential issues ahead of the late summer monsoon season. If there is a problem with your roof, you’ll want it fixed before rain arrives.

— Post-Monsoon: A strong monsoon storm can blow shingles and tiles off of your roof and cause significant damage. If you’ve noticed issues with your roof from the ground, it’s probably not a bad idea to have the pros at KY-KO Roofing come and check it out.

— Late Fall: Here in the Valley, we tend to get a lot of winter rain in many years. Just as with a late spring checkup, the idea here is to have one of our roofers make sure everything looks ship-shape heading into a time of the year where we’ll receive rain.

Again, if you’re noticing signs of damage from the ground—such as tiles that have slid off and cracked around your home or shingles that are missing—that’s your best indicator that it’s time to have us out for a free roofing checkup.

Is there a difference between a roofing checkup and a formal inspection?

Yes. A roofing checkup is a quick, informal survey of your roof’s condition that we provide as a free service to Valley homeowners. Think of it as a “peace of mind” check on your roof’s status: anything our roofer notices will be brought to your attention and will need to be investigated further.

In contrast, in our industry, a “roofing inspection” refers to a formal and complete inspection of the roof and its condition. In most cases, our team performs roof inspections on behalf of homebuyers who are having a home inspected prior to finalizing the sale. A roof inspection comes with a complete checklist and a written assessment of the roof’s overall condition, lifespan, and other details. We offer both roof checkups and roof inspections, but we do charge for the latter, since it’s a more extensive service we’re providing.

We certainly recommend that anyone planning on purchasing a home have a roofing professional inspect the roof prior to closing. If you’d like to schedule a homebuyer’s roof inspection, please call us for an estimate.

Schedule your free roofing checkup today!

If you would like a professional from our team to take a look at your roof, call us now and schedule a free roofing checkup here in Phoenix.