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Over 20 Years of Roof Repair in Phoenix

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When you need roof repair, you need professional help from the roofing experts at KY-KO Roofing. KY-KO is one of the largest roofing companies in Arizona, and over 20 years we’ve repaired thousands of residential and commercial roofs in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Our guaranteed work and Owner’s Pride Guarantee are just two of the reasons that 95 percent of our customers say they’d would recommend us to their friends and family.

Don’t trust your roof repair to just anyone. KY-KO is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and our honest, upfront pricing means you’ll know how much the repair will cost ahead of time.

If you’re looking for quality work from experienced roofing professionals, look no further than KY-KO. Give us a call to schedule your FREE roof checkup.

Reasons to Choose Us:

  • Our Owner’s Pride Guarantee
  • We Offer a Free Roof Checkup
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • One of the Largest Roofing Companies in Arizona
  • Over 20 Years of Experience

How We Make Repairs

Roof Inspection and Repair Phoenix AZ

Checkup & Quote

Call KY-KO to schedule a free roofing checkup. We’ll check your roof and identify any problems.

After this checkup, our roofing professional will meet with you, review the issues, and provide you with a written estimate for the cost of the work.

We provide this quote upfront so that you’re not blindsided by the cost of your repair. Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, we’ll make plans to fix your roof in a timely manner.

New Concrete Tile Roof Phoenix


Now that you’ve approved the written estimate, our team of roofing professionals gets to work.

Our roofers are experienced: this isn’t the first roof they’ve fixed, and they know exactly how to get the job done. To ensure quality work, a KY-KO supervisor personally oversees the project from start-to-finish.

Once the repair has been completed, this supervisor will conduct a final quality check and address anything that is missing.

Seal of Quality RoofingOwner’s Pride Guarantee

When you need roof repair, you want the fix to last. KY-KO Roofing’s Owner’s Pride Guarantee promises you that we’ll use the best-possible materials when applying a repair to your roof. No run-of-the-mill roofing supplies will be used on your home.

Roofing Financing in Phoenix, AZFinancing

You can’t anticipate when you’ll need roof repair, and neither can your budget. That’s why KY-KO has financing available for our customers. To learn more about this program and to see if you qualify, give us a call. We’d love talk with you.

Types of Roofs We Repair

Here at KY-KO, we work will all kinds, sizes, and shapes of roofing, from the common tile and shingle to the specialty flat-top roofs.

  • Flat: If your flat roof has sustained damage or is having difficulty draining water, give KY-KO a call so that we can check your roof and assess the damage.
  • Foam: Foam is a newer, but popular, choice for Phoenix homeowners. It’s also relatively easy for KY-KO to repair. Call us today for your free checkup.
  • Shingle: If your shingle roof has damaged or missing shingles, call KY-KO. Our professional can make repairs and get your home looking fantastic again.
  • Tile: Popular in Arizona for their durability, KY-KO can help you replace missing or damaged tiles and make repairs to the underlayment.

20+ Years of serving Phoenix & the Valley

Commercial Roofing Contractor in Phoenix, AZ

Commercial Roof Repairs

KY-KO Roofing also offers commercial services for a variety of building sizes and types, ranging from church roofs to office buildings and retail locations.

Whether you own an apartment complex or a storefront, call KY-KO for your commercial roof repair and your free roof checkup from a licensed, bonded, and insured company.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s say that you hire a neighbor to do your roofing. Something goes terribly wrong, causing major damage to your home.

If you’d been working with a licensed, bonded, and insured company, that damage would be completely covered.

Our project supervisor not only oversees the project from start-to-finish, but he or she also conducts a final check to make sure that the roof checks out and that the work meets our rigorous quality standards.

We’ll present you with a final report.

Since our founding in 1994, we’ve replaced thousands of roofs in Phoenix, including a wide variety of styles and shapes ranging from tile to foam.

This means that our roofers are experienced professionals who take pride in their work and want to do an amazing repair.

We provide roof repair services to the Phoenix metro area, stretching from Phoenix and Scottsdale to Mesa and Chandler.

If you’re outside of Phoenix but in the state of Arizona, give us a call to chat with us. We may be able to help you with your roofing repair.

About Us

Founded in 1994, KY-KO is today one of the largest and most successful roofing companies in the Phoenix area and in Arizona.

Our commitment to quality service, products, and workmanship has fueled our growth. We’ve never lost sight of what’s important to customers, however, and we still guarantee our work and offer an Owner’s Pride Guarantee.

If you’re looking for quality roof repair from a reputable company, search no further than KY-KO Roofing.