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Top 5 causes of roofing damage in Arizona

You and your family may enjoy the sunny weather in Arizona, but your home’s roof is probably having less fun. From the brutal summer sun to the brief, but intense, periods of rain, your roof goes through a lot over the course of a year. KY-KO Roofing Systems of Phoenix, Arizona knows the Sonoran Desert can be tough on both residential and commercial roofing.

Here are some of the problems that could threaten the integrity of your roof:


This goes without saying, but the year-round cloudless skies can be hard on your roof. Faced with a near-constant bombardment of ultraviolet rays, your materials will start to deteriorate over time. Check the sides of your home that get the most sun in the summer. If your roof looks damaged, it might be time to call a professional.


Okay, Arizona isn’t known for rain in the way that the Pacific Northwest is. But, the monsoon systems that hit Phoenix in the late summer can take a toll on your roof, leading to moisture getting under the shingles and to the roof structure below. If your roof is already damaged by other factors, it may have greater difficulty keeping moisture out.

Thermal Shock

Unfortunately, Arizona is in a prime position for thermal shock. While this term may sound complicated, the concept is actually rather simple. This phenomenon occurs when a hot roof suddenly has cooler liquid impact it—such as when a late afternoon monsoon rainfall hits a roof that has been baking in 100℉+ weather. The hot-cold combination causes the roof to rapidly expand and contract, which can shorten its lifespan and cause leaks.

Branches and Leaves

High-speed winds can whip tree branches overhanging or adjacent to your home into your roof at high velocities, causes them to scratch or displace shingles. Your problems could then be compounded by moisture entering the roof structure. Leaves, on the other hand, can build up in your gutters, leading to a clogging that pushes moisture back onto the roof.


If your roof structure is improperly ventilated, it may cause the interior to be significantly warmer than the outside. When moisture returns to the Valley, it could cause condensation to build up inside the structure, leading to a host of other problems, including rot and decay. One solution is to have KY-KO help ventilate your roof, so that the air temperatures outside and inside are balanced.

Go with KYKO Roofing

For more than 20 years, KY-KO has been repairing and maintaining both residential and commercial roofs in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Today, KY-KO is one of Arizona’s largest and most trusted names in roofing. From our 100% satisfaction guarantee to our A+ Better Business Bureau rating, you’ll see why thousands of Arizona homeowners are happy to have KY-KO roofs.

If you need roof repair or maintenance, schedule a free roof checkup with us, or give us a call.