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Signs that it is time to replace or repair your roof

There has been a great deal of rain in the Valley this winter, and the El Nino effect is showing no signs of letting up. With that much rain, you may be wondering if your roof will make it through the next rainstorm that hits. If you haven’t already encountered a leaky roof during a rainstorm, there could be other warning signs waiting for your review. Inspecting your own roof may be easier than you think, so to get started, we have shared our top warning signs that it is time for a new roof.

Shingle problems

If you have a shingle roof, you can inspect your roof to see if there are any signs of damage. Start by standing on the ground and step back so you can see your entire roof from a distance. When your shingles begin to wear out, you will be able to see them start to curl.

There are two types of curling. Once is known as cupping, which mean the edges will begin to curl up. The other type of curling that occurs is known as clawing. This is when the edges curl under.

Shingles that are exposed to a lot of sun, like Phoenix homes, will start to crack and fall apart. In some places, you can even spot missing shingles.

Interior signs

Roof leaks can present themselves in many ways. The most common is in the interior of your home. When your roof begins to leak, it trickles down from the top of your house down into the inside of your home.

Smaller leaks tend to cause bubbling and peeling paint. While these leaks may seem small at first, it could lead to a larger more expensive problem. Larger leaks are seen in the ceiling and can even cause the interior to cave in.

Inspect the metal

Don’t forget to inspect the metal on your roof as well. This is often an oversight for homeowners and can result in larger damage. Check around chimneys, pipes, and other openings can help to prevent water from sneaking in and ruining your shingles.

Check the attic

The next place to check for roof leak is in your attic. Now, we know it is no fun heading up to the dusty, dingy attic, but detected small leaks can help save you from water damage in the future.

Once in the attic, check to see if you can see daylight shining through and search for any signs of moisture in the insulation. If light can shine through, that means there is a chance water can sneak in as well. Wet insulation is a health hazard that can lead to mold as well as decrease the energy efficiency of your home.

Inspect your gutters

rain damage to roofOne of the last places to inspect for leaks is your rain gutters. Now, we know this may seem like an odd place to check for roof leaks, but if you find a lot of gravel in your gutters, it could point to the wear of your shingles.  

Check the age

All roofs have a shelf life. While some may last longer than others, the wear and tear from the sun’s UV rays and the natural elements will start to take a toll on your roof. If your roof is over 20 years old, it is time to have your roof inspected to see if it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Most homeowners automatically think that if your roof is leaking that it needs to be replaced; however, sometimes, all that is needed is a simple repair to keep your roof going for many more years.

Call an expert

KY-KO-Roofing-QuoteIf you are experiencing any of these signs of deterioration, it is time to call a roofing contractor to inspect and provide you with some next steps. Some problems are easy to repair whereas other leaks can result in a full roof replacement. Either way, you will want to enlist a company you can trust to inspect, repair or replace your roof.

We have been helping homeowners since 1994 by replacing and performing roof repair in Phoenix. We believe that when it comes to your roof, we want you to enjoy peace of mind. That is why we provide all potential customers with a free roof check-up without the pressure of having to go with our team.

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