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Residential roofing options in Arizona

What do you picture when you hear the word “roof”? That may depend on the home you grew up in, or the home you own now. For those from the east coast, shingles might come to mind. Those who have lived in Phoenix for a long time may picture tile. Still others may see a flat roof.

The truth is that we have many residential roofing options here in Arizona. KY-KO Roofing can help you make sense of them and review their advantages and disadvantages.


Tile roofing is very common in Phoenix, and it’s little wonder why. Available in a wide variety of colors and forms, tile roofing offers a good balance of aesthetic appeal, durability, and other benefits, such as heat and wind resistance.

Most homeowners choose tile because they love the look of it. But, the truth is that there a number of benefits to going with a tile roof. Here are just some of them:

  • Tile roofs offer better fire protection than other kinds of roofs.
  • A properly installed tile roof can last two to three times longer than a shingle roof.
  • Tile is available in a number of styles and colors, allowing homeowners to personalize.
  • Tile requires less regular maintenance.
  • A tile roof absorbs less heat than other roofing materials, meaning that it’s energy efficient.

Tile’s one downside? The initial cost to install tile is higher than most other options, and the sheer weight of the roof makes it a non-starter for a number of older homes. In fact, tile can be so heavy that the underlayment placed below begins to fail before the tiles do.


While tile has become a popular choice in new home construction in the Valley, shingle is the most common form of roof available. There are two main forms: fiberglass and organic. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.Shingle roofing contractor in Phoenix


These shingles are created from fiberglass mixed with resin to provide water and fire resistance. Fiberglass shingles come in different colors and textures, allowing for customization.


Created with paper and asphalt that has ceramic embedded within it, organic shingles are a traditional choice for residential roofing that offers water and fire protection.

Flat roofs

Residential Flat Roof in PhoenixA flat roof has special drainage and resistance needs that an angled roof does not, since there is no reliance on gravity to carry away rain. Even then, “flat” is a misnomer: most of these roofs have an ever-so-slight angle to carry water away from the center toward drains.


If you have a flat roof, the installation of a foam roof is a fantastic option and investment. Foam can be applied to almost any type of roof, is completely seamless, and is easy to repair down the road. As an additional bonus, foam roofs increase your home’s energy efficiency by effectively blocking the sun’s heat from coming through. Over years, this can amount to major energy savings here in Arizona.

Why go with KY-KO for residential roofing?

Since 1994, we’ve installed thousands of different roof types in Phoenix. Over 50 percent of our business comes from repeat customers who have grown to trust us for all their residential roofing needs. In fact, 95 percent of our customers say they’d recommend us to close friends and family.

We install and repair all kinds of roofs, and back up our work with our Owner’s Pride Guarantee. Learn more about what’s different about KY-KO Roofing.