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Here’s how often you need to reseal your foam roof

Keep your home’s foam roof in top condition.

If properly maintained, a foam roof can last as long as your home does. By having us reseal and restore its foam roof coating, you can continue to see the benefits of having a foam roof without the cost and hassle of completely having to replace your roof.

To ensure your foam roof performs as it was designed to and passes the test of time, you need to periodically have your roof complete a foam roof re-sealing. 

While there are recommended intervals at which to have your roof re-sealed, you should be quick to re-seal more frequently if you find signs of wear-and-tear or damage.

A KY-KO Roofing truck sits parked in the driveway of this adobe-style home here in Phoenix, Arizona.

What’s the condition of your roof?

To get a status report on the state of your SPF roofing, get a free roofing checkup from our team. Just click the button below and fill out the form to schedule yours.

Have your roof resealed every 5 years.

Assuming that you’re not having trouble with damage or leaks, you’ll generally want to have your foam roof re-sealed every 5-10 years here in Arizona.

The 5-year mark is generally when wear-and-tear caused by the sun starts to become a factor for foam roofs.

Every roof and seal is different, so here’s what we recommend: call KY-KO for a free roofing checkup during your roof’s fifth year so we can give you a recommendation on when you need to reseal your foam roof.

Noticing signs of UV damage?

Even though foam roofs typically hold up very well under UV rays because of their seamless application (one of the main foam roofing benefits!), the sealant layer does take a beating from UV radiation over time. And, once UV rays have penetrated the outer coat of sealant, they can degrade the underlying layers of foam and cause leaks.

At that point, you’re potentially facing the much more expensive project of replacing your roof.

Here in Phoenix, UV damage is an ever-present threat to your roof. When in doubt, we recommend calling us to schedule your checkup. We can assess how good your sealant layer is looking, and whether or not your roof needs to be re-sealed.

Have a roof leak?

A sealant layer that has been compromised will eventually mean that the elements—sun, wind, rain, hail, and dust—start to attack the foam directly.

This can result in water and moisture getting through the foam layer into your attic and your home.

A roof leak is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. If you’ve neglected roof maintenance, you may be faced with the prospect of replacing your roof.

However, depending on the scope of the damage, it might still be possible to repair your roof. We recommend giving our team a call immediately if you encounter roof leaks of any kind.

Have our team reseal your foam roof.

Foam roofs are very energy-efficient if correctly maintained. Because they are inexpensive to touch up, keeping your roof in optimum condition can save you more money than you might realize.

Contact the team at KY-KO Roofing today and keep your residential or commercial foam roofing in ideal condition so it can last a lifetime.