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How Long Does A Foam Roof Last?

The lifespan of an average foam roof

Foam Roof Lifespan

When investing in a home, questions about roofing are sure to arise. And rightfully so. This is because each roof type comes with a different lifespan. Roofs can be made of various materials such as metal, wood, asphalt, and even foam. Each requires an intricate process of installation or application to ensure it lasts its intended lifespan. While foam roofs are popular for flat roofs, they can be applied to all structures, given you have a professional roofing service at your assistance.

If you are concerned about foam roofs in particular, then having your research done is important. In this article, you are sure to find a comprehensive breakdown of the factors that impact the lifespan of a foam roof, and ways in which you can maximize its lifespan going forward. Read ahead to learn more.

1.Application Processes

Foam roofs are a more recent advancement in roofing materials unlike shingle roofs that have been around for decades. Thus, the application process for foam roofs requires expertise and the right technique.

Get in touch with a reliable and trusted roofing service to install your foam roof. They have the right tools and follow the appropriate procedure required for ensuring the foam roof lasts its intended life.

2.Weather Conditions

Foam roofs are vulnerable to humidity and rainfall. Also, extreme temperatures and the sun’s rays punish your roof. This is why having a thick coating over your foam roof is important. It acts as a barrier between the foam roof and moisture and harmful UV rays. Proper maintenance to your foam roof’s coating will ensure the harmful weather will not become an issue for your roof.

3.The Warranty & Insurance Coverage

When it comes to installing the foam roof, you want to inquire about the warranty and insurance coverage on it. Most licensed, bonded, and insured roofing companies offer a warranty on their services. So, when picking a roofing service, ensure you are being offered an adequate warranty.

In Phoenix, KY-KO Roofing offers a great warranty for foam roofs. Our services are of premium quality and we use UL-rated material to help you get the maximum returns.

Benefits Of Foam Roofs

●Prevent moisture build-up
●Effective in keeping your home well ventilated
●Require low costs for maintenance
●Energy-efficient – you are sure to see a drop in your heating and cooling expenses
●Are lightweight

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Damage To your Foam Roof – The Signs To Keep an Eye on

When it comes to foam roofs, the signs of wear and tear cannot go unnoticed. They are quite potent and visible. This is especially the case after a weather condition such as a snowstorm or heavy winds and rain. You need to, therefore, keep a periodic check on your foam roof to prolong its lifespan and keep it intact.

Here are some of the signs to keep an eye on when it comes to foam roof damage.

●Water leaks from your roof. This indicates that the insulation has been soaked with water.
●Blocked gutters or accumulation of dirt and debris
●Damage incurred to the deck
●Dents in your roof
●Mold outbreaks in your attic
●Damaged vents

Average Lifespan Of A Foam Roof

Foam roofs can last from anywhere between 15 to 20 years. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can stretch this timeline to exceed 50 years!

If you wish to prolong the lifespan of your foam roof, then there are a few foolproof tips that you can follow. Here are some of them that work best at keeping your foam roof functional.

Ways To Make Your Foam Roof Last Longer:

●Opt for full maintenance every 10 years or so, especially if your roof is subject to longer periods of exposure to the sun
●Have your foam roof sprayed and inspected after wind storms, heavy rainfall, or snow
●Regular re-coating and resealing is a must
●Avoid placing heavy items on your roof
●Keep track of your maintenance schedule
●Hire a professional service provider for application and repair. Stick to one that is reliable and renowned for specializing in foam roofs
●Update your insurance coverage and monitor your warranty timelines

The Bottom Line

Foam roofs are an investment. And so, you want to make sure it is worth it. For this weighing out your pros and cons and evaluating your needs are important.

KY-KO Roofing in Phoenix, Arizona, is a professional roofing service that can assist you in this regard. If you wish to have your foam roof applied, maintained, repaired, or even replaced, then the experts at our company can help address all your concerns in no time.