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Commercial Roofing – How Will a Roof Replacement Affect My Business?

A KY-KO Roofing manager reviews his team's work on this commercial building's foam roof.

Monsoon season in Arizona runs from mid-June to late-September, peaking sometime between mid-July and mid-August. Torrential downpours and intense winds wreak havoc on Phoenix structures, threatening the well-being of homes and businesses alike. This is the season that can paralyze your business by peeling the commercial roofing off your building.
But how do you fight Mother Nature? Is there a way to protect your commercial roof from the worst of Phoenix weather?
Call in a commercial roofing expert to see if you need a new roof before the worst of the monsoon season hits. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll understand how replacing the roof can affect your business and what you need to look for to determine if you need a roof replacement.

Commercial Roofing Timeline

Before monsoon season hits hard, have KY-KO Roofing, a commercial roofing expert, inspect your roof to see if you need a business roof replacement. We will know what problems to look for with our trained eye.
If you need a commercial roof replacement, plan on the project taking anywhere from three to ten days, depending on how big of a project you have. We expert will tell you that the quickest new roof application is an SPF commercial roof system.
If you have any seam details or protrusions, the roof replacement will take a little longer. These are areas where the KY-KO Roofing need to take our time to make sure we do the job right. We’ll need to remove debris, moisture, dirt, grease, an existing membrane, and old roofing material before we apply the new material to ensure you have a tight seal and a new roof that will last for years.

How Does Replacing the Roof Affect Business?

In most cases, you should still be able to conduct business as normal as you have your roof replaced. If your roof sustained some serious damage that compromises the safety of the roof, then you’ll have to shut down your business until the roofing company can guarantee the roof is safe.
Otherwise, in the three to ten days of roof repair, you can continue to run your business as normal. You will want to put up “pardon the noise and mess” signs to let customers and clients know why there’s a construction crew running around your building.

Factors That Affect the Commercial Roofing Timeline

Several factors affect the timeline of your commercial roofing project. For example, the size of your building will directly influence the timeline. The bigger your roof, the more time the we will need to replace it.
Be patient with the process. The crews may take as much time to remove and dispose of the old roof as they take to install the new roof.

The Weather

Effective and safe roofing requires a stretch of dry, warm weather. Thus, the intense heat or monsoon rains that Phoenix experiences can hamper productivity.
The wet season will make the roof extremely slippery and thus dangerous to work on. A wet roof will take longer to replace because of this hazard. Additionally, moisture affects the integrity of the roof installation.
Additionally, scorching hot weather makes roofing difficult. The roofing crew will need to take frequent breaks to cool down and hydrate. High winds and heavy, intermittent rain can slow things down as well.
Your KY-KO Roofing will give you a reasonable timeline in light of the upcoming forecast.

Damaged Structure

If your roof has significant damage to the sheathing, underlayment, or roof decking, the roofing project will take longer. We may recommend repairing a portion of the roof before you replace it. If the damage is significant, we may need to rebuild the entire supporting framework before we lay the roofing material.
If you have rotten decking or sheathing, black mold, or water damage, the crew will remove the entire damaged portion before they replace the roof. we will need to take trips to the lumberyard, which may slow down your materials.

Design Complexity

The more complex your roof design, the more time we will need to install a new roof. If you have a plain, flat or low-sloped roof, you can expect a shorter timeline. If you have a roof with various angles, though, your roof will take a few days more to complete.
Special features such as vents, HVAC units, valleys, and solar panels will also slow down the project. Also, the taller your building, the more time you can expect the replacement to take. A 15-story building requires more time than a 3-story building.

Signs You Need a New Roof

How do you know if you need a new roof? Our roofing inspector will point out your roof’s weaknesses. But even before our inspector arrives, you can take a look at your roof and determine if you need to call a roofing contractor.
The following things indicate you need to call in a roofing contractor:
-Wind or storm damage
-Low spots in the roof
-Dry rot
-Holes on the roof
-Damage to pitching pans
-Damage to flashing
-Bubbling on the roof

These are all red flags for potential roof problems. If you have discovered a leak inside the building with water streaming down a wall or mold and a soft wall beginning to form, you have a much more serious problem than just a minor roof issue. Such long-term problems can cause health problems such as sick-building syndrome for the occupants of your building.
If you see any problems inside your building, call us immediately to inspect your roof.

Replace and Relax

When you need new commercial roofing, the process is a short but effective one. You won’t regret having KY-KO Roofing inspect your roof and protect your building. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful new roof that will last for years, protecting your business.
Do you suspect that you need a new commercial roof? If so, contact us.