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Christmas decorations on the roof – What you need to know.

Christmas lights in Arizona

Each year, the average American spends over $200 decorating their home for the holidays. These decorations are as diverse and unique as those celebrating the holidays. You can display a Christmas tree, ornaments, blow-ups, string lights, and more all over your yard and home. Christmas roof decorations are a classic that never goes out of style. Here, we’re going to talk about how you can safely hang outdoor roof décor. Read on to protect yourself and your property as you get into the spirit of the holiday season.

Walking on a Roof

Be aware that it is not recommended that homeowners walk around on their roof due to safety concerns. But if you must, please practice caution especially when climbing on and off of a ladder and around the leading edges of the roof.

If you to need to climb onto your roof make sure that you do this on a clear day with no frost. Any frost on your roof can pose a serious safety hazard since you can slip on it and fall several feet onto the ground.

Wet roofs also can pose risks, so make sure that you choose a sunny and dry day to go up onto your roof. This isn’t usually a risk for Arizona homeowners, but it’s something to keep in mind regardless of where you live.

Homeowners should understand how to walk on a roof correctly even on a clear day.
– First, make sure that you wear proper footwear such as boots. The shoes need to have a strong grip on the bottom to ensure that you won’t slip.
– Secure your ladder on a flat surface. Make sure that it is 1 foot out for every 4 feet high it is and it should extend past the roof by three feet. You also should have a second person on the ground holding it in place while you climb.
– Before you begin putting up Christmas decorations, make sure that you clear the entire roof of debris, twigs, and leaves. This will stop you from tripping as you move around and secure holiday decorations across the surface of your home.

Be careful of damaging roof tiles and never walk on skylights or roof ventilation.

Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights on Your Roof

Christmas lights are one of the most common decorations that you may want to show off. In fact, we recommend that you restrict your roof decor to lights and small ornaments. Inflatables, trees, and other large decorations should go on the ground for a safe decorating experience.

To get lights and installation materials onto the roof, make sure that you wear a secure tool belt. You want to be able to climb your ladder safely. Tool belts also ensure that you can walk around without worrying about dropping things and tripping over them.

Start on the opposite side of the roof to your ladder so you don’t need to navigate an impossibly slanted winter wonderland obstacle course later.

You need to do your roof in sections to ensure that you don’t need to walk back and forth. You want to walk around as little as possible, and you definitely don’t want to need to walk over other lights and decorations to get around.

Don’t Put Holes in Your Roof

Many holiday enthusiasts determine that drilling holes in their residential roof is a good way to secure decorations for the entire season. However, this is the #1 thing that you should not do when going up onto your roof.

Holes in your roof are the quickest way to find yourself in trouble with weather damage.

Even those who do not intend to put holes in their roof may do so without thinking. After all, nails seem like a good way to secure and fasten lights down at first brush. But when you remove the nail, you’re going to be left with a hole that lets what’s outside get in.
Holes also are known to expand over time. You may start with one tiny nail hole in your roof, but it will expand with weather damage. This can lead to even bigger issues with moisture and flooding in the future.

Don’t Use Staples or Nails on Your Fascia Board

Your fascia board is the piece of wood that covers the lower outer edge of your roof. It spans the entire roofline. Fascia boards are important because they ensure gutters remain in place and prevent water damage.

Because of their importance, putting holes in the fascia board is not a good alternative to putting them in other areas of your roof.

You might want to leave your drill and nails behind altogether. They’re not worth the risk, especially when there are safe and affordable alternatives.

Use Plastic Hangers

Plastic hangers are a safe and easy way to string Christmas lights and ornaments along the surface of your roof.

They require no holes or screws. You can simply attach them to the side of your gutters, shingles, or under roof tiles.

These hooks are great because they’re completely weather-resistant. Since they can hold up to 5 lbs of weight, they also are ideal for hanging both lights and ornaments at once. At the end of the season, you can remove them with no hassle and no damage and they are reusable.

Look for Issues While Hanging Christmas Roof Decorations

While you are already up on the roof to hang your Christmas roof decorations, you might as well make sure that there are no problems with your roofing.

Make sure that there are no damaged roofing materials, holes, broken shingles or tiles, sagging materials, pooling water, or dents in your roof.

If you are hanging your lights this year and see something that looks concerning, give us a call for a free roof checkup.