What to Look for in Phoenix Roofing Contractors

If you’re scanning the market for a roofing Phoenix contractor, like KY-KO Roofing systems (or any other roofing contractor for that matter), you should know that you’re facing a big and hugely significant investment. After all, a quality roof isn’t cheap, and you are advised to keep a sturdy one for those pestering rainy days.

Furthermore, you don’t want anyone with a hammer and nails in their hands to meddle with your roof. Therefore, hiring a contractor should not be a decision that you’ll make lightly.

How to choose the best roofing Phoenix contractor

There are tons of contractors out there, who claim all sorts of things with nothing to show for in the end. Prior to choosing your contractor, you should learn how to evaluate the available companies, and see which ones are the best fit for your needs.

A quality roof job needs to be done right the first time, making it even more important to make a well-informed choice in advance, even if it amounts to a higher price than the average one. Here are some basic tips that you can apply when looking for a good roofing contractor.


Always ask for references. If you stumble upon a contractor that offers a full list of promises, you’ll do well to remember to vet them afterwards. Make a few phone calls, ask a friend, search the web. Anything you can find can be of help. You could also call the chamber of commerce and inquire whether the roofing company you are thinking about hiring is a long-time member or a newbie. Ask for professional references from the roofing company. If they don’t have any, that’s usually a bad sign.

Maybe there’s a negative review out there that you would otherwise neglect. Or maybe, you’ll find a long list of satisfied customers. This is the best way to make sure the roofing company is capable of doing a quality roof job. Either way, you should do your homework.

Be certain the roofing company has the proper license

In many states, roofing companies are not allowed to operate without a permit. Therefore, always check if the company has the proper license to perform work in your home. The license often separates the most experienced companies from the less experienced ones. Check with the local authorities or ask the companies themselves to show you their documentation.

Are the employees skilled enough?

A reputable roofing company always consists of trained and experienced employees. Check the skill level of the employees of the companies you are interested in. Are they regularly undergoing safety training? It’s a good sign if they are, since it significantly reduces the risk of accidents or a poorly done roof job.


Ask to see the training regimens the employees are undergoing. This way, you will know whether the contractor sends you qualified and experienced roofers, or newly hired workers with no proper training.

Make sure the roofing company offers a guarantee

Most of the roofing contractors offer a product guarantee. However, a product guarantee is not enough if the company does a poor job installing your roof. Therefore, you should always search for a company that offers both product and installation guarantee. This way, even if the contractor makes a mistake, you can rest assured that it will be taken care of.

Get insurance

The roofing company should have liability insurance that will protect both you, the homeowner, and the workers, from accidents. In other words, if an employee gets injured, the insurance protects you from liability, but will also keep you safe from responsibility if the workers damage your roof during the project. Always ask the contractor to give you proof of insurance.

Also, ask to see the exact liability coverage certificates and make sure they are valid for the duration of your roofing project. Without insurance, you may be found responsible for medical and other bills resulting from a worker’s injury, or the repair costs for the damage caused to your roof.

Make sure you have a place where you can voice your concerns

While nobody expects a catastrophe on-site, there are occasions when you might realize that your roof has wide open cracks, while the workers are packing up and leaving for the night. In this case, you should be informed if there’s a manager you can speak to about the problem and voice your concerns.


Some companies promise you an on-site manager at all times, yet the manager is nowhere to be seen – no one assumes responsibility. Make sure that you can leave a complaint about this to the company, and make them provide you with a project manager as soon as possible. At the end of the day, they should also avoid leaving a mess (shingles, sharp wood, etc) on your roof prior to finishing their work for the day.

If the company is reluctant to speak to you regarding this matter, you are better off without their services.

Get a contract in writing

You must not rush into signing a contract with a company you just started negotiating with. However, after you complete the aforementioned steps, all you need to do is sign a contract with the roofing company of your choice. Even if you agree upon every aspect of the required work, and your roofing contractor is willing to live up to your expectations, signing the contract is a step you must take to ensure that all the terms and conditions are legitimate.

The contract usually includes the materials to be used, work days, the price, and all other important aspects regarding your roofing project. Make sure that an attorney can review it, so you can identify any possible loopholes in it.

Applying these tips will give you the peace of mind you need when hiring a roofer to do your roofing project. Make sure you go through all of them, as skipping some can result in a major setback down the road. In the end, you want your roof to be perfect, not just mediocre, right?


Expert Roofing in Phoenix, AZ

If you are a homeowner who has ever been faced with the realization that your roof has some serious problems and needs to be repaired or -worst case scenario- replaced, you know how frustrating and scary this can be. First of all, once your past the stage of denial, well into the stage of acceptance that something must be done, you worry. How much is this going to cost? How long will it take? How do I know which company to call to help me with this problem? All of these worries are valid. Any type of roof work is an investment and you should do some adequate research to find the right company to handle the job! To help you with your search in finding the highest quality roofing company in Phoenix, Arizona, here is some homework for you to do.

Finding an Expert Roofing Company

Make sure to do your research before finding the right company to hire for your roof repair or replacement. This is your investment and you have a choice of who you want to hire. So before you just hire the random company that your sister’s friend’s aunt used, do some research on your own and use this quick guide to help you find the roofing company that is going to take the best care of you!


Look Around Online

This is usually the easiest source of information you can gather. Check to see if the company has a website, and take a look at their social media profiles. Look for signs of professionalism, consistency in address and phone numbers, images or before/after photos of recent work. You should also be able to find current associations, licenses, certifications, etc. There is a TON of information your can discover just by searching around online! Take your time, and get a feel for the company.

Check Reviews & Get Referrals

While your looking around online, check out the most popular review sites and see what past customers have had to say about their experience with the company. Of course, some reviews are completely phony so while searching through reviews look for any patterns of consistent problems that customers mention on different dates.


Also, if you find a company that you think you like, go ahead and ask around. Talk to your friends, family, neighbors, etc. Put it out their on Facebook and ask if anyone has a recommendation for you. People love to share their good experiences, so this could be a great way to find a quality company.

Free Inspections/ Evaluations

Even though you are in that “acceptance” stage and you know that you need a professional to repair or replace your roof, it’s impossible to be able to tell the true extent of the damage. It’s nice to have a company to provide Free inspections or evaluations of the condition of your roof. This way, they will give you a detailed assessment and a expert opinion on the service that you need, without the bill!



Many roofing companies will provide warranties for your repair or replacement, but see if you can take a look at their warranty before hand. This is important because often, companies will include “terms” in their warranty that will void it out. Inspecting the warranty beforehand, will give you a chance to look at it closely and understand all of the “terms” that are included.

Years of Service

How many years has a company been in service? This is an important question because the more years of service that a company has, the more likely it is that they are a more professional and experienced company that knows how to take care of their customers in comparison to a company with little to few years of service.

Insurance & Workman’s Comp

It’s not against the rules to ask to see proof of the company’s insurance and workman’s compensation certificates. This is often a step that most homeowners either forget or don’t think to ask about. This is an important factor in choosing the right roofing company because you want to make sure that the company has it’s own coverage and that you will not be held legally responsible should anything happen while working on your home.

Variety of Services

Make sure that the roofing company that you choose can offer a variety of roofing material and options for you to choose from. They should be able to show you specific roofs that they have done that demonstrates their knowledge for each type. For example, you don’t want to find a company who does 90% shingle roofs and a few of the rest here and there. Your roofing experts should be just that- experts! In all types of roofing!

Certifications and Associations

Is the company you are looking into belong to any associations such as the Arizona Roofing Contractor’s Association? Or maybe you see that they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. These affiliations tell you that this is a company that you can trust and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure they are doing right by their customers.

KY-KO Roofing

Of course we would love it if you chose KY-KO Roofing for your roofing contractor, but we encourage our customers to do their research and choose the company that will work the best for them. However, here is a little bit more information about us.

  • We’ve been repairing, replacing, and installing roofs all around the Valley since 1994.
  • We back all of our services with our Owner’s Pride Guarantee.
  • Our insurance and workman’s comp is active and up-to-date.
  • We only use the highest quality materials.
  • Our workers are professional and have excellent workmanship.
  • We treat every job as if it’s our only job- the customer gets our FULL attention!

Whether you end up trusting KY-KO Roofing Systems with your roofing issues, or would rather go with another company, we wish you all the best and hope that you roof is repaired or replaced in no time! For more information on our company and our trusted roofing services, give us a call anytime and speak to one of our friendly professionals! 602-944-4600.