Roofing 101

Your roof. It’s up there, doing its job, minding its own business and you never even give it a thought…until something goes wrong.

At KY-KO, we’re proud to be called the Valley’s roofing experts, with years of experience and doing the job right, every time.

We’re glad to pass along some of the basics when it comes to the roof over your head, which helps you, as a homeowner, make a smarter choice when it comes time for roof repair or replacement.

The Basics

All steep-slope roof systems (roofs with slopes of 25% or more) have five basic components:

  • The Covering Material  This could be shingles, tile, slate or metal and the underlayment that protects the sheathing from weather.
  • Sheathing  These are the boards or sheet materials that are fastened to roof rafters to cover a house or building.
  • Roof Structure  The rafters and trusses constructed to support the sheathing.
  • Flashing  Sheet metal or other material installed into a roof system’s various joints and valleys to prevent water seepage.
  • Drainage  A roof system’s design features, such as shape, slope and layout that affect its ability to shed water.

When to Service Your Roof

It’s Phoenix, it’s hot. While your beautiful, air-conditioned home is cool on the inside, the Valley sun can really put wear on any kind of roof. KY-KO knows the ins and outs to all the different types of roofs in the Valley region, whether it is a business or where you sleep. With all of our expert roofing knowledge, we still need you to be the one to make the service call before we can help!

Our FAQ page goes into depth about what key factors a building-owner can look for to know if their roof needs service or not. Whether your residence or office receives a lot or a little sunlight, it can slowly deteriorate. This is especially prevalent on roof sides facing West or South.

Even if you decide to look elsewhere before choosing KY-KO we want to make sure you are well informed about the business that is going to service your roof. Read our section on choosing a contractor and be sure to follow our guide to make sure you get the best roofers in the area!

As always, if you have any questions on roof servicing or installation that you don’t see answered on our site, we are more than happy to answer them for you! Please head over to our contact page to either leave a message or give us a call!