The 5 Benefits Of Spray Foam Roofs

Spray Foam RoofsSpray foam roofs are some of the most energy and cost-effective roofing options for the house. Most of the heat loss in the homes occurs due to poor roof insulation. Roofs that are insulated with spray foam will act as an effective barrier against loss of heat from inside the home. The cost of installing spray foam will pay off in about 5 years after the installation.

Installing spray foam on the roof can provide you with innumerable benefits. You should consider spray roof insulation as an essential part of the home construction or renovation project. Below are some of the benefits that you can gain from spray foam insulation.

1. Great flexibility

Spray foam comes with different physical properties. The texture of the spray foam ranges from soft and semi-rigid to highly dense foam that can sustain heavy equipment, heavy weather, and heavy human traffic. Individuals can select a foam type based on their roofing requirements and budget. Both soft and dense foam can give extra strength to the roof thereby increasing the structural integrity of the house.

2. Less time to install

Installing spray foam requires less time as compared to alternative roofing options. There is no requirement of tearing off the old roof prior to installation of the foam. This ensures minimum time as well as cost to install the spray foam.

3. Superior wind resistance

Spray foam has superior wind resistance as compared to shingles and even tiles. They remain fully adhered to the roof and cannot be ripped apart by strong winds. This makes the roofing option particularly recommended for areas that are susceptible to high windstorms.

4. High insulation property

Spray foam has a high insulation property that can save you on energy bills every month. Having high R-value, spray foam allow the house to retain cool air during the summers and warm air during winters. This makes it a particularly attractive option in homes that are exposed to frigid winters and scorching summers.

5. Minimum repairs

Repairing spray foam roofs is not a major headache as it does not cost a lot of money. Once the foam starts to wear off, the roof can be recoated with the spray foam. The recoating can be done at a fraction of the cost of the installation. And what’s more, you will get additional warranty period as well.

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In the end, spray foams are certainly a good choice for the roofs. They offer a myriad of benefits to the homeowners. You can save energy bills when you install spray foam. You may be able to recover the cost of installation within a few years of the spray foam installation.

In order to know more about the benefits of spray foam installation in Arizona, you can KY-KO Roofing Systems.

3 tips to extend shingle roofing lifespan

Tips To Extend Shingle Roofing LifespanShingle roofing is an affordable roofing option that offers many benefits. Some of the advantages of shingle roofing manifest themselves immediately, while others become evident with time.

You can find shingles in almost any color that provides greater flexibility in selecting one that perfectly complements the exterior house décor.

Shingle roofing has a relatively limited lifespan compared to other roofing options, such as tile roofing. That said, you can extend your shingle roofing lifespan by taking three simple steps below.

Call KY-KO for a regular checkup

Regular roof checkups—particularly during the spring—are important, as shingle roofs take a lot of punishment during the winter season due to cold and rain. Here in Phoenix, it might not be a bad idea to swap out that checkup for the fall if the monsoon has been particularly rough for your home.

A qualified and experienced roofing contractor from KY-KO will assess the condition of the roof and detect potential problems. We’ll pay special attention to missing shingles due to high wind damage, and cracked, curled, or bruised shingles caused by the pooling of rainwater.

Our roofing specialists will also pay special attention to damaged storm collars and hidden leaks that might have taken place during the winter season.

Ensure proper ventilation for longer shingle roof lifespan

Proper ventilation is important for the shingle roofing lifespan. Roofs that are not properly ventilated fail to push moisture in the attic areas outside. The increased moisture levels under the shingles can damage them rather quickly, requiring replacement or repairs.

Make prompt shingle repairs

The third important tip to extend your shingle roofing lifespan is to call KY-KO Roofing for prompt repairs. When shingles fall off, your roof is exposed to hail, wind, and rain. That’s why it’s extremely important to replace or repair shingles immediately if they are damaged.

Hire our roofing specialists for shingle repair and maintenance. We’ll check damaged shingles around the chimney area and skylights—which are the two most common roof leak locations. Also, the contractor will seal tack holes and tack down loose flashing with roof cement. Flashing replacement might be required in case of extensive damage to the roof.

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Although handyman professionals are often technically capable of performing roof shingle checkup and repairs, it’s recommended that you contact our experienced shingle roof repair and installation contractors.

Professional contractors are qualified and trained to carry out a thorough examination of the interior and exterior of the roof structure. They are more likely to detect leaks and problems in the shingle roofing.

You can rely on the expert roofing professionals at KY-KO Roofing to carry out all kinds of roof repair and maintenance work. We have been serving the Phoenix metro area with great integrity and devotion for more than 20 years.

To schedule your roof checkup and work to extend your shingle roof lifespan, get in contact with our team.